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#Review of @FLDProducts -stylish bags protection for YOUR style and portable devices

It is always an honour and a thrill to be asked to review a book, a product, a film, even to give an opinion on a location or a venue. So it was a double honour to be given the opportunity to review a series of products from South African Company FLD Products, bringing home the term we in South Africa have loved to use for many years, #LocalIsLekker.

Lori Lazarus is one of the dynamos behind this South African Company and with no hesitation at all when she contacted me, I jumped at the opportunity to review a few of their products. The timing was perfect as we had a house full, people from all walks of life flitting through and back to back meetings with professionals in various disciplines of corporate life, as well environmentally.

Miss D is an environmentalist/game ranger, spending her long days and nights driving over rough terrain in the wilderness of Africa, showing international visitors the wealth of wildlife we have on our great continent. Her means of communication to the “outside world” is her tablet, cellphones and laptop. She carries her devices with her everywhere, to capture the moment, to send images to people around the world, to record her experiences as they happen. She relies on her portable devices to do just this. Losing one in the likely event of breakage would mean waiting for another trip to civilisation for replacement.

I asked her for an honest review of the products, given that she relies so much on technology in her “far-end” of the world. Miss D loved the black/pink colour combination, that was her very first remark. Watching her examine every aspect of the bags I knew we’d get the good with the bag in minute detail. And so we did. The bags are thickly padded with nylon and PVC, providing additional protection from harsh elements. The pouches for cell phone and even a notebook were elements she said were vital. The adjustable sling, an option to use or not, was an added bonus as she would have all equipment with her at the desired times, bearing in mind Miss D carries photographic equipment with her on the excursions. For her the whole package comes together very nicely, in or out of a motor vehicle.

Because the bags themselves are so stylish and really good to look at, they make a perfect accessory when back in civilisation and in urban built-up areas. The one criticism, and there really was only one, is the lack of a little clip or fastener, preventing the phone from falling out the pouch.

We discussed this, after I asked “Is it REALLY necessary since the phone fits it snugly?” And her reply was “We live in South Africa, anything is possible – it could be just an extra safety feature, and it could be hidden inside the cellphone section, or a colour-coded slip flap which fastens could be an external feature.” Imagining this I see that it could work, it would in no way detract from the sheer simplistic beauty of the product. The suggestion here I gather was based on the possibility of someone trying to slip their grubby little paws into the bag to lift the phone out, no mean feat.

Next to have a look at the products is Mr DAN. He works in the steel industry, and also does a lot of traveling. Okay, he was not sold on the pink/black, and opted for the blue/black combination, but loved the idea of protection and portability of his devices while in his typically male environment. He contended it made for practical access to the tools he needs for instant communication with his suppliers and clients, and, whilst he does carry his portable devices with him everywhere, was sold on the idea of having them together in a handy, solid, good-looking bag.

No product review would be complete without the input of students, and before I get into the oohs-and-aaahs of that, I’m going to share some research I did whilst compiling this review.

It is no secret that education is a passion, the good, the bad, the ugly. I am based in South Africa so for ‘hands-on” learning I am limiting my research to what is happening in our schools and tertiary institutions, and distance learning centres here. We need to remind ourselves that Africa is a diverse continent, and in many rural areas students who have graduated from high school and wish to further their education often do not have access to universities for a myriad of reasons. They then turn to distance learning.

With erratic power supply, outages, transport difficulties many a student is faced with challenges when trying to study. School fees being one of the most expensive items on the family’s monthly household budget also often prevents children from attending formal educational institutions.

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FLD Laptop and Tablet Bags + WIN

LD Products make laptop covers and tablet pouches and have been on sale in South Africa for several months. The dark coloured designs are minimalistic, with colour coordinated branding, stitching and lining to match.

I know there a loads of products like this on the market, and FLD is aimed at the mid-range market; prices are not going to break the bank. The selection includes laptop bags for 11- 13- and 15-inch sizes; tablet pouches in 7.5-inch; and a 10-inch tablet bag.

I’ve been testing two products – the 13″ laptop bag (blue) and the 7.9″ tablet pouch (yellow).

The laptop bag has a main slot for your 13″ laptop, and along with my Macbook Air, I managed to throw in a wallet, business cards, MiFi device and lipgloss inside it. To the side, there is an additional zip compartment which held my laptop charger and adaptor. I liked that this was lined thickly so it didn’t feel like my cables were knocking against the laptop.

There are two additional pockets, a large one behind the laptop compartment, and small one in front of the cable compartment, to slip either your phone/papers/writing journal into if you want. I’ve been able to get around to meetings/events without an additional handbag, which is a big plus.

The tablet pouch holds a small tablet up to 7.9-inches, like the iPad mini, Galaxy Note 2 or similar. The reason I didn’t say up to 8-inches is that I tried to fit my Acer Iconia A1 tablet, which is 8-inches, but it couldn’t fit. The pouch has a curved design on the top, so a little bit of the tablet does peek out, about 0.5cm around the middle. The back has another slot for either business cards or something very thin. I haven’t used these extra little slots on both the laptop bag or pouch, and I think the bags could do without them because stuff could easily slip out without you noticing. It’s easier to then carry the pouch around in your bag without worrying about the screen knocking about with your other stuff.

The materials used for all FLD products are imported from Korea and are water resistant, and the strap on the laptop bag is adjustable. The range itself has a minimal black design, which I think falls under the “safe” category. If you’re looking for a basic design with different colour bits, again which are minimal, they come in blue, red, yellow and pink. The company does offer custom printing, so if you’d like to personalise a bag, you can mail them about it for a quote.


FLD 7.5″ Tablet Pouch review: snug, sturdy and simple

Out of all the bags FLD has on offer, the 7.5-inch Tablet Pouch is the least intricate. It’s simple, goes for US$25 (R250) and does a good job at being just that. Nothing more, nothing less. Like all the products the company has on offer, the clean and cozy design could be suited to pink, blue or yellow colour schemes.

Mine is yellow, which means that the soft inside fur, as well as subtle design lines and logos on the front cover are coloured. The rest of the outside cover is a dark grey plastic weave that’s apparently also waterproof. All in all, the build and material feels like decent quality which is most likely where that extra 10 bucks would go. It’s a simple yet cozy pouch. At the back there’s a little pocket I use to keep my headphones.
Like a kangaroo and its pouch, I’d be happy to house my baby in this one. Just so, it held my Nexus 7 — the thing I’d consider as probably being the closest thing I have to a baby.

The design of the bag makes the device quite sturdy as well. When my Nexus is all tucked in, I’m confident in lightly throwing it on the coffee table while slouching back into the couch. I haven’t tested it, but the overall cushiony design and corners feel as if it would handle a fairly rigorous drop test quite well.

As one would think, given that there’s no zip or Velcro flap, carrying your tablet might be a bit dodgy — well, it isn’t really. The tight grip of the pouch makes for a perfect fit and gives it a protective feel, and only when I start tugging at the thing, my tablet would gently slide out.
In any case, some people would still prefer having a simple flap, clip or something to guarantee a steady grip. Me on the other hand, found it more intuitive in just picking it up and letting the tablet slide out with simple signature tuck.

Verdict: This FLD Tablet Pouch is a simple and welcome addition to any tablet. It’s a reliable extension to your device which will fit a 7-incher comfortably well. Some people might enjoy having a dedicated clip or flap for more security but that didn’t phase me. The price is a bit steep but you’ll hopefully get what you pay for in its overall quality.
Score: 8/10

Gadget of the week: No excess baggage here

As the tablet and smartphone markets explode, the market is continually bombarded with accessories to those markets. In particular, covers, protectors and bags tailor-made for a specific device model have flooded the market.

Most of these, however, are either more decorative than protective, or they have limited utility and end up as excess baggage.

Enter a South African design start-up with a solution to both limitations. FLD, founded by young entrtepreneurs Lori Lazarus and Jonathan Feldman, have come up with a stylish accessory that helps you be kind to your gadgets. The FLD bags and covers are made from water-resistant nylon, with shock absorbent PVC backing built into the lining. The main compartments of the bags are versatile, with the 10" version accommodating all models of iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and other tablets of similar size.

Lined pockets offer protection to smartphones - particularly the new models with large screens that appear to attract scratches despite being billed as "scratch-proof". The sleek bags range in size up to 13" and 15", to hold the MacBook Air or an Ultrabook, or even standard notebooks. They are ideal for those brief out-of-office moments when the power supply and associated baggage doesn't need to be lugged along. Personalised labeling is available for corporate branding.

The bags can be bought online.

FLD iPad Bag

The other day I got a call from this South African company, who design and distribute iPad bags. Like itty bitty little bags, with shoulder slings and all, for iPads.

They wanted to send me one. I was a little sceptical. It’s safe to safe, that as a result of my impossibly cushy job (*ahem* – tech journo), I get spoilt. A lot. Which generally translates into a “refined” taste for tech and tech-sessories. (One could also label this possible tech-snobbery – but I’ll go with the prior for the sake of personal image).

So this little guy rocked up on my doorstep, all unassuming like, and… I found it, kind of… endearing.

I have yet to find anywhere in SA that sells iPad BAGS. Like, actual BAGS for your iPad. And sometimes, all u need is a little, padded, heavy duty bag for your iPad and some bits and bobs, that you can sling over your shoulder and run with.

BONUS if it’s cute.

And that’s kinda what this guy is; a little, thickly padded, iPad bag (plus shoulder sling), with loads of little compartments for goetes and alles. So I can head off to a meeting with this chappie in tow, and not even have to take a wallet with me.

Which I like. A lot.


[Giveaway] FLD Products – The perfect Smuggler of Shameful Items

This is kind of a sponsored post. In that I wasn't paid to write this, but accepted a free product that I really, really like and decided to give them some exposure and tell you guys about it]

When I first started at the new job I got a new laptop. It took me ages to get used to because it was newer, shinier, bigger and way faster than my last one. But it also meant that I had to replace my beloved laptop bag that had served me well for four years. The problem was, I didn’t want just any laptop bag – I wanted one that would fit my iPad, my note books and abundance of pens and more importantly, I wanted one that looked slim and pretty but also managed to smuggle my (shameful) box of smokes and lighter.

Because I am one of the dying breed of smokers in the 20th section. And walking into a meeting with a box of smokes next to your iPad looks shit. And leaving the box behind and just carrying one smoke around smells awful and looks even worse. And because I’m a girl, I like dresses and blouses which don’t have pockets. So this laptop bag needed to do all of those things and still look good. Did I mention it also had to be pink? Not an easy task. And so the hunt began. I tasked Jon to look for me too. And he did.

I got links to all sorts of laptop bags, iPad covers and suitcases and none of them ticked all the boxes. Hell, I very nearly even caved by buying the leather one that was on OneDayOnly a few weeks back. And that one cost about TWO THOUSAND RAND. Luckily I lay down until the urge went away.

FLD products made contact with me last week, purely coincidentally to see what we could do together. I was so excited when I saw pictures of their products that I requested to see them in person. And so this morning we met, and they brought along these beauties with them:

I’ve selected a 15″ laptop bag, pink (obviously!) and couldn’t wait to get back to my office to fit in ALL THE THINGS and give this little baby a proper testing. Imagine my surprise when my laptop fits snug like a bug, there’s space for my iPad, all my pens, my A4 book of brainfarts AND I can fit in my cancer-sticks and lighter. With room for a strap, electronic cords and battery. And possibly a small unicorn.

Bonus points so far:

Water resistant exterior (which can be personalised, by the way – so it’s ideal for corporate gifting too)
Scratch proof interior
Comes with a handle to carry around, or the usual add on straps – your choice
Beautiful, funky colours to choose from – pink, blue, yellow, red
Comes in various sizes for various nerd toys


FLD - Local laptop/tablet bags you want to invest in...

Want to support good quality local products and help a small business grow? Well, you can't really go wrong with FLD.

Good looking, durable laptops bags and tablet sleeves made in a variety of sizes and colours (the pink is my personal favourite!) that express your personal sense of style while still looking classy.

They're designed to carry all your assorted cables, plus have additional pockets to fit your personal belongings as well and cut down on the number of bags you carry with you.

The company itself is fairly new, and run by two young entrepreneurs who are passionate about technology and looking for an alternative to the imported laptop bags on the market that looked good and protected their equipment adequately against scratches, falls and knocks.

Laptop and tablet bags are already available in selected stores, and sleeves are on their way in coming months.

Watch this space - I'm sure you'll see more of these guys in coming months.

FLD: The perfect companion for your portable device

Tablets and laptops have made life so much more convenient as now your office can go with you wherever you need to be and your kids have something that will keep them entertained for hours. Every device needs to be protected and that is where FLD step in as makers of stylish protective bags.
FLD Products are designed and developed in South Africa by two young passionate entrepreneurs and are manufactured abroad using high quality sourced materials to provide their customers with a premium product.

"We are captivated by technology, enthralled with inventive design, and fanatical about our gadgets. At FLD we are consumed with designing perfectly-fitting, insanely-styling protective cases - for tablets, laptops and more."

FLD bags are available in sizes ranging from 8" and 10" for tablets and 11", 13" and 15'' for laptops. The bags are all streamlined with padding and come in a black sheen fabric with an option of blue, pink, yellow or red lining depending on individual taste.

Fashion aside, each bag comes with enough padding to protect one's favourite device. Two side pockets are provided for storage for the likes of charges, notebooks, stationery etc., and an additional lined pouch for a cell phone to safely slip into. Apart from your standard carry strap, an optional removable shoulder strap has been provided to suit your on-the-go lifestyle.

FLD products are designed to be durable. Each bag is made out of high quality water resistant Nylon with PVC backing. Heavy-duty zippers and sliders are used and all pockets are lined with protective fabric to prevent dirt or liquid from seeping in.

FLD... Stylish bags protecting your style as well as your portable device

Water resistant Nylon
Pockets lined with protective fabric
Removable, adjustable shoulder strap
Additional pockets for storage
To purchase your unique FLD bag please visit our stockists:

Mega Mica - Eastgate

Wolmans Luggage store - Sandton City

Ronnies Luggage store - Hyde Park

Alternatively you can email or visit for more information.


FLD Products: Multi-purpose protective laptop and tablet cases

Meet FLD Products’s new range of durable and protective tablet and laptop covers that are now available to purchase just in time for the new year. The multi-purpose FLD Products aim to offer laptop and tablet owners a stylish way to keep their devices safe and secure.

Established in May 2012 by entrepreneurs Lori Lazarus and Jonathan Feldman FLD (Feldman Lazarus Distribution) Products came about after extensive research resulted in the realisation of a gap in the market for laptop and tablet accessories that served more than one purpose. They mostly excluded additional areas for carrying other personal items.

FLD offers covers for most tablets including the iPad 1, 2, 3 and Samsung Galaxy tab. A full list of tablets covers is available on request. The tablet cases are made up of three lined pockets, providing extra protection and space for chargers, cell phone and notebooks. The FLD laptop covers come in three sizes – 11-inch, 13-inch and 15-inch and possess the same lined pockets as well as a removable and adjustable strap.

The entire range is made from high quality 600 D water-resistant material with PVC backing and heavy duty sliders and zippers.

As for future product developments FLD co-founder Lori says that “At FLD we are continually evolving and keeping up with the latest trends.” So FLD will be launching a 7-inch case especially for the Samsung Galaxy tab, Google Nexus and continuously developing lines for the iPhone 5 as well as those for the iPad Mini.

The FLD Product range is available to purchase from FLD by emailing and will soon be available from the e-bucks shop and from early February.

Prices are as follows: 10-inch case R499, 11-inch R599, 13-inch R699, 15-inch R899


Gadget carry bags just got a whole lot brighter

Almost everyone I know has a tablet or laptop these days, regardless of brand. And almost everyone I knew wants to protect their little investments and stay stylish at the same time.

Enter FLD Products…

Designed and developed in South Africa by two passionate entrepreneurs that are mad about technology, FLD Products are then manufactured abroad using world-class water resistant materials: PVC backing, nylon seams and heavy duty zippers to ensure your gadgets remain safe and protected. And the cases come with 4 vibrant highlight colours – red, yellow, pink and blue.

Tablet cases
These versatile and stylish bags (I have one myself) come in a variety of sizes and colours to suit individual preferences and are designed not only to protect ones peripherals but to carry ones cables, cellphones and papers. What’s also nifty is that my iPad, along with it’s standard cover, still fits snugly into the bag. Most tablet bags don’t accommodate this. There’s also a pouch for my mobile with a silky soft lining so it doesn’t get scratched.

Laptop bags
The laptop bags are unique because they offer adjustable carrying mechanisms and come in 11″, 13″ and 15″ sizes. There are three lined pockets that provide protection for chargers, notebooks and cellphones along with a sturdy handle and a removable strap.

Gadget Covers that really protects

Recently I received a FLD cover for my iPad. At first I was sceptical as I already had an iPad cover why would I also want a pouch? But I was proved very wrong.

The FLD tablet travel bag provides much more protection than an ordinary tablet cover. If you had to drop your tablet even if you have a cover on it, there is still a huge chance of damage according.

With the FLD travel bag, you can put your tablet inside and zip it up and then it will be well protected in a soft padded bag.

The FLD bags do not only cater for tablets but also for laptops. It is a great and convenient way to protect your valued tablet or laptop in a stylish way.

If you would like more details on FLD products, please visit They come recommended by MyJozi!


Gadget covers just got a whole lot brighter

Out with the old and in with the new. Tablet and Laptop covers with a difference will be arriving in SA - January 2013. FLD offers you a simple yet stylish answer to keeping your gadgets safe with it's bright and gorgeous design, not to mention it's adjustable carrying mechanisms.

FLD offers you protection for most tablets including the iPad 1,2,3 and Samsung Galaxy. A full list of tablets covered is available on request. The FLD cases are made up of three lined pockets, providing further protection for chargers, notebooks and cellphones. All of the above add's to its desirability. The FLD tablet cases come in 4 vibrant colours - red, yellow, pink and blue. When it comes to laptops, nobody is left out. FLD fit's all laptops around and comes in three sizes, 11", 13" and 15". Possessing the same three lined pocket system as well as a removable strap, these laptop bags provide the ultimate durability and protection of your laptop and come in 4 colours - red, yellow, pink and blue.

The FLD range is made from high quality 600 D water resistant material with PVC backing. Additional nylon seams, linings and trimmings with colour designs make these bags a stylish option for everyone. Heavy duty zippers and sliders ensure that the bag and it's contents remain safe and protected.

For more information on the FLD range contact:
Lori Lazarus - 082 520 6162 -
Or Jonathan - 082 377 5032 -